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VHS tapes were the only game in town just a short few years ago. Almost everybody had a VHS camera to shoot home movies and family vacations. Video stored on VHS tape begins to degrade almost immediately. VHS is analog; DVD is digital. Digital video and video files on DVD do not degrade over time the way they do on VHS tape.


I had lots and lots of VHS tapes with priceless family memories that were degrading. I bought equipment to transfer (dub) the video on my VHS tapes to DVD. I told family and friends about VHS to DVD and they asked if I would do the same for them. So now I am offering this VHS to DVD service to you. I also handle VHS-C and Betamax. Check my hard-to-beat pricing!

VHS to DVD Conversion Pricing

Pricing includes one labeled DVD per VHS, VHS-C or Betamax tape up to two hours maximum on the DVD. Additional charges apply for content exceeding 120 minutes.

Number of VHS Tapes:Any Quantity
Price Per Tape:$9.99

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VHS to DVD Cheap is conveniently located and easy to find. We are typically available during normal business hours but please call 303-823-3249 to confirm your pick-up or delivery time.

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